Lance Lopez

Very Special thanks to Goran at GORAN CUSTOM GUITARS in Belgrade, Serbia for the Hand made FAT BOY DRIVE...this is the BADDEST DRIVE BOX I have ever used...seriously...2 drives in one pedal and a Vintage/Fat selector switch...Pure Sickness...
This is the most quiet, smooth and controlled overdrive Ive ever played...very fat but not to fuzzy and not noisey...when switching from the overdrive to the solo mode there is not a giant volume boost but a drive boost... this has always be... en an issue for me when running to overdrives... this does exactly what I've strived to make 2 pedals do for so long...The "Fat" mode is pure "Eliminator" tone and the "Vintage" mode is very plexi/greenbacks tone...Goran is a Master builder and tech as well... This boy knows his stuff... He worked on all my Gibsons in Belgrade... I call him the "Serbian Sammy Sanchez".
Lance Lopez

Lance Lopez

Band: Lance Lopez

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