Fat Boy Overdrive

"Man, this thing is righteous? It is online and in service ...! Wow!" Billy F. Gibbons
From conversations with many guitarists who have passed through my shop, I realized that most of them are looking for a solution to the live performance have a good big clean and excellent dynamic overdrive. So I made an analog overdrive pedal that when you turn to the clean tone which by its dynamics and grain fully corresponds to the drive-in of the resulting tube amplifier! Taking into account the suggestions of professional musicians final solution to which I came FAT BOY Overdrive.

FAT BOY overdrive has two channels with two footswitch times (Drive Channel and Single Channel), and the mini switch which selects the mode in which the pedal work (FAT mode or Vintage mode)
Singles channel is a separate channel but uses the already set tone drive channel and gives a big choice of adding Gain and Volume-and more.

Left Footswitch - True bypass / Channel Drive

Drive channel has controls:

  • Gain
  • not that
  • Volume

Right Footswitch - turns Solo Channel

Solo channel has controls:

  • + Gain
  • Volume +

Mini switch:

  • FAT Mod - more modern drive - as a Marshall JCM series
  • Vintage Mod - vintage old scool drive - as a Marshall Plexi & Fender Tweed

Power supply is a 9V battery, or AC / DC adapter 9VDC

FAT BOY Overdrive is designed to last forever. Robust and high-quality housing, electronic components of high quality, Black Gate electrolytes, NOS Allen Bradley carbon composite resistors, Military Grade opamp ... is what makes this pedal very reliable and practically indestructible.

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